Medicaid Health IT

Meaningful Use (MU) Assistance – Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Program (EHRIP) Education and Consultation

With funding from Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Division of Health Care Finance (KDHE/DHCF), KFMC is providing education and hands-on assistance to Medicaid providers to optimize their usage of electronic health information technology. KDHE/DHCF encourages the use of certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) by all Medicaid providers. With the help of KFMC health IT consultants, Medicaid providers are able to not only meet the Meaningful Use objectives, thus earning the Medicaid EHRIP incentives, but learn to use the technology to improve patient and population health outcomes.

Free assistance is available to Medicaid providers (MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, and Dentists) for:

  • Medicaid EHRIP program education
  • EHRIP Registration and Attestation and Reporting
  • Certified EHR Technology Verification and Configuration
  • Current MU and Clinical Quality Measures Requirements
  • Meaningful Use Monitoring
  • Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI) Security Risk Analysis
  • EPHI Security Risk Management Action Plan Development
  • Information Systems Security Policies and Procedures Review, Development and Updating
  • Certified EHR Technology Implementation including
    • Readiness Assessment
    • Vendor Selection
    • Implementation Assistance (Go Live)
  • Process Analysis and Redesign
  • Health Information Exchange Connectivity.

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For more information on KFMC’s work with Medicaid HIT, please contact Kelly Stephens.