Health Equity Innovation Award

KFMC Health Improvement Partners is pleased to announce the second annual Health Equity Innovation Award. The award recognizes organizations, affiliated groups, partnerships, or individuals that have developed and implemented novel approaches, strategies, and interventions aimed at reducing health disparities and promoting health equity in their community.

Award winners think outside the box, challenge existing systems, and implement creative solutions to ensure that everyone has a fair and equitable opportunity to achieve optimal health.

Examples of health equity innovation may include:

  • Technology-based solutions: The use of technology, such as mobile health apps, telemedicine, and wearable devices, can improve access to healthcare services and health information for populations in remote or underserved areas.
  • Community Health Worker programs: These programs train individuals from the community to serve as liaisons between healthcare providers and community members. Community health workers can provide culturally competent care, health education, and advocacy, helping to bridge the gap between healthcare systems and marginalized populations.
  • Culturally tailored interventions: Designing interventions that consider cultural beliefs, values, and practices can improve engagement and health outcomes. This includes adapting health education materials, providing language services, and ensuring representation of diverse communities in healthcare decision-making.
  • Social drivers of health interventions: Recognizing that health disparities are influenced by social drivers such as education, housing, employment, and income, innovative programs can address these underlying factors. For example, initiatives that provide access to affordable housing, education and job training, or income support can have positive impacts on health equity.
  • Collaborative partnerships: Building partnerships among healthcare providers, community organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders can foster innovative approaches to address health disparities. Collaborative efforts can leverage resources, expertise, and collective action to tackle complex health equity challenges.

Any organization or individual may submit a nomination for themselves or for a third party by Friday, August 2, 2024. Nominations will be judged by a group of independent evaluators from multiple sectors impacted by health disparities and inequities. The award will be presented at the Kansas Health Equity Summit, October 30, 2024, in Wichita, Kansas.