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Photo of Lynne Valdivia
Lynne Valdivia, MSW, BSN, RN, CCEP
Interim Director of Quality Review
Photo of Dr. Ghazala Perveen
Ghazala Perveen, PhD, MPH, MBBS
Epidemiologist Consultant
Photo of Tracy Atkins
Tracy Atkins, LMSW
Project Manager
Photo of John McNamee
John McNamee, PhD
Senior Health Data Analyst
Photo of Laura Sanchez
Laura Sanchez, RN
Healthcare Quality Review Analyst

Angie Heiniger
Project Specialist
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About KFMC

Quality Improvement

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    • Consumer & Family Engagement
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Health IT

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Health Information Technology https://www.kfmc.org/health-information-technology https://www.kfmc.org/health-information-technology

KFMC’s Health Information Technology (IT) consultants work directly with clinicians and their staff to optimize the use of electronic health information technologies to effectively enable them to provide quality patient care. Electronic health records (EHRs) play a critical role in the current healthcare environment, improving outcomes for patients’ health as well as public health. EHR data make it possible to measure the quality of care being provided, an essential piece of the puzzle in the latest payment models introduced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and replicated by other payers. Staying up-to-date with the latest certification standards, specifications, regulations, quality payment programs, incentive programs, and protecting the security and integrity of protected health information is challenging. KFMC's Health IT consultants will bring this knowledge to your practice, providing customized assistance to meet your health IT needs.

Services. Many of our services are offered free of charge depending on your eligibility for grant funded assistance. Otherwise, our services are offered on a fee-for-service basis. KFMC's Health IT consultants are available to assist with:

  • Information Systems Security Management:
    • Electronic Protected Health Information Security Risk Assessment and Analysis
    • HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance
    • Security Risk Mitigation Action Plan Development and Management
    • Information Systems Security Policies and Procedures – Review, Development, and Updating
  • Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) Implementation Readiness Assessment
  • CEHRT Vendor Selection and Implementation
  • Process Analysis and Redesign
  • Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program (formerly EHR Incentive Program, aka Meaningful Use)
    • Promoting Interoperability Program Education
    • Promoting Interoperability Program Registration and Review
    • Promoting Interoperability Program Attestation
    • Promoting Interoperability Monitoring
    • CEHRT Verification and Configuration
  • Health IT Support

History. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 included financial incentives for healthcare providers that attained Meaningful Use (MU) with their Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. As part of the ARRA, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act authorized the formation of HIT Regional Extension Centers (RECs) designed to support physician practices in adopting EHR systems and using their current systems to achieve Meaningful Use.

KFMC was the federally designated REC for Kansas from February 8, 2010, until April 6, 2016. During this time, KFMC's Health IT consultants helped over 1,600 Kansas providers select, implement, and meaningfully use Health Information Technology. Additionally, through partnership with the Link leads to third-party web site. Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation, KFMC provided assistance to 95 Kansas critical access and rural hospitals. KFMC also worked with the federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and rural health clinics (RHCs) throughout our state. The Link leads to third-party web site. Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved partnered to assist 15 of the 16 FQHCs in Kansas and 91 RHCs.

We are proud of the progress Kansas has made toward the interoperability of electronic health information and the possibilities for quality improvement this transformation provides. We are proud of the role KFMC played in furthering the US Department of Health and Human Services’ triple aim of improving health care quality, improving population health, and reducing unnecessary health care costs. Secretary Burwell’s vision fit nicely with KFMC’s stated mission of leading innovation to improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of healthcare.



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Corporate Information https://www.kfmc.org/about-kfmc-inc https://www.kfmc.org/about-kfmc-inc

The Kansas Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC) is a not-for-profit organization focused on improving healthcare quality. KFMC is a member of the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network Link leads to third-party web site. (Great Plains QIN), the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) serving Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. KFMC is also the External Quality Review Organization (EQRO)and Independent Review Organization (IRO) for the state of Kansas. In addition, we contract with many private companies to provide health information technology (HIT) consulting services, quality improvement and review services. Throughout various contracts, our role is to work with healthcare providers and organizations to develop ways to improve the use of HIT and the quality of healthcare provided to all Kansas healthcare consumers.

Mission Statement

Leading innovation to improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of healthcare.

Vision Statement

KFMC will be a leader, trusted partner and catalyst for transformational improvement in healthcare. Through our innovative ideas, extensive experience, diverse skills, high quality services and intentional collaboration, we will improve the health of people and communities.


We hire great people who in pursuit of KFMC’s Mission and Vision commit to these core values to guide our decisions and behaviors.

Integrity - Conducting business in an honest and ethical manner and being accountable for our decisions and actions.

Excellence - Continually building skills and knowledge to be experts in our work and using these to produce the highest quality work product every time.

Innovation - Inventing the future, learning from our failures, thus achieving greater value from resources.

Collaboration - Working together inclusively and respectfully.

Wellness - Creating an environment that promotes optimal physical, mental and social health.


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External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) https://www.kfmc.org/eqro https://www.kfmc.org/eqro

KFMC has held the Kansas EQRO contract since 1995, when the State of Kansas implemented Medicaid Managed Care. EQRO activities focus on quality review and improvement related to access, quality, and timeliness of healthcare. Currently, Social & Rehabilitation Services' (SRS) Disability and Behavioral Health Services, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Division of Health Care Finance (KDHE-DHCF), formerly KHPA, contract with KFMC for EQR services. The work for KDHE-DHCF has entailed external quality review activities related to HealthConnect Kansas (the Medicaid Primary Care Case Management program) and HealthWave (Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care program). The SRS contract includes review of Mental Health and Substance Abuse programs.

The KFMC EQRO team is knowledgeable and experienced in using the CMS protocols to monitor and evaluate MCO and PIHP activities. The EQRO team also has experience in conducting surveys, calculating performance measures and completing focused studies that meet the CMS EQR protocol requirements. The EQRO team strives to meet and exceed the CMS requirements for all EQR activities and reviews, and works with State Medicaid agencies and their stakeholders to provide actionable recommendations geared toward improvement of access, quality and timeliness of care for their consumers.

Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs)

KFMC has reviewed, validated and conducted PIPs, including statewide collaborative PIPs, to assess and improve managed care processes, and thereby outcomes, of care.

Performance Measures

KFMC has conducted, validated and compared health plan performance measures, including both state-defined and industry standard HEDIS measures, designed to measure access to, quality of and timeliness of care provided to healthcare consumers. The KFMC EQRO team is knowledgeable about the NCQA guidelines for calculating and reporting performance measures, and can provide technical assistance to State Medicaid agencies to ensure consistency of measures reported by their managed care plans. KFMC staff have developed data abstraction tools and completed medical record review for calculation of hybrid measures.

Focused Studies

Focused studies, which may be conducted on a one-time basis or on-going basis, help ensure effective quality improvement activities for State Medicaid programs. KFMC has conducted and validated focused studies to enhance State Medicaid program effectiveness.

Data Validation

KFMC staff have broad experience in providing data validation services. KFMC has conducted a variety of data validation projects, including information system capability assessments, encounter data validation, and State system data assessments.


The EQRO team has conducted and validated Medicaid consumer and provider surveys. These surveys may use industry standard survey tools, such as CAHPS and MHSIP, or customized survey tools developed through cooperation with State agencies and other stakeholders. KFMC staff have the background and experience needed to validate and test customized survey tools, field surveys, analyze survey data and present survey results to a variety of audiences.


The EQRO team conducts contractual, compliance and regulatory reviews of MCOs and PIHPs. Audit activities include assessment of quality assurance plans, BBA compliance of managed care organizations, and assessment of Medicaid Waiver programs.

Monitoring MCO and PIHP contract deliverables

KFMC’s EQRO team can assist State Medicaid programs in monitoring the status and timely submission of MCO and PIHP contract deliverables, needed to complete quality assessment and assurance activities.

Technical Assistance and Training

The EQRO team can assist State Medicaid agencies with stakeholder interfaces, including presentations about the CMS EQR requirements, meeting planning and facilitation, and statewide project development.


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Welcome to Kansas Foundation for Medical Care https://www.kfmc.org/component/content/article/16-kfmc/36-welcome-to-kfmc-inc-original https://www.kfmc.org/component/content/article/16-kfmc/36-welcome-to-kfmc-inc-original


The Kansas Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC) is a not-for-profit organization focused on improving healthcare quality. KFMC is a member of the Link leads to third-party web site.Great Plains Quality Innovation Network, the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) for Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. KFMC is also the External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) and Independent Review Organization (IRO) for the state of Kansas. In addition, we contract with many private companies to provide health information technology (HIT) consulting services, quality improvement and review services. Throughout various contracts, our role is to work with healthcare providers and organizations to develop ways to improve the use of HIT and the quality of healthcare provided to all Kansas healthcare consumers.

KFMC also educates consumers so they can make informed decisions about healthcare. We work to ensure Medicare and Medicaid patients receive appropriate and quality healthcare.

Click here to learn more about KFMC and the services provided.

If you require further information or assistance, please contact us at:

800 SW Jackson Street Suite 700
Topeka, KS 66612
Toll-Free: 800-432-0770
Local: 785-273-2552



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