Health Information Technology - Services


KFMC’s services are designed to take your organization from its current state – whether you are starting with a paper-based system or just need to optimize your current EHR – to Meaningful Use in order to qualify for the Medicare or Medicaid incentives.

Our Services include:

Education and Outreach: Disseminate knowledge about the effective strategies and practices to select, implement, and meaningfully use certified EHR technology to improve quality and value of healthcare.

National Learning Consortium: Participate in the National Learning Consortium facilitated by the HITRC and share tools and materials developed through the cooperative agreement with other Regional Centers, interested stakeholders, and the public.

Vendor Selection: Help providers select the highest‐value option ‐‐ the option that offers the greatest opportunity to achieve and maintain meaningful use of EHRs and improved quality of care at the most favorable cost of ownership and operation, including both the initial acquisition of the technology, cost of implementation, and ongoing maintenance and predictable needed upgrades over time.

Local Workforce Support: Partner with local resources, such as community colleges, to promote integration of health IT into the initial and ongoing training of health professionals and supporting staff.

Implementation and Project Management: Support end‐to‐end project management over the entire EHR implementation process, including individualized and on‐site coaching, consultation, troubleshooting.

Practice and Workflow Redesign: Support for practice and workflow redesign necessary to achieve meaningful use of EHRs.

Functional Interoperability and Health Information Exchange: Assist priority primary‐care providers in connecting to available health information exchange infrastructure(s).

Privacy and Security Best Practices: Support providers in implementing best practices in the privacy and security of personal health information.

Progress Towards Meaningful Use: Participate in program training and be able to provide their clients effective assistance in attaining meaningful use.